logoMarketing & Sales
MorgantownWings.com Representatives will be working hand in hand with several local business owners and various companies in the fast paced Morgantown, West Virginia market. They will also  take photographs at locations that sell wings in Morgantown, WV. Their mission is to collect information about specific locations and attend weekly meetings.  Marketing Representatives require a combination of intuition, creativity and technical skills.

Marketing activities include:

  • Developing Marketing Strategies
  • Distribution of Promo Material (Posters, Magnets, etc)
  • Market Research
  • Sales
  • Content Development – SEO Concepts

Live Events activities include:

  • working closely with other members to organize weekly appointments and social media posts
  • finding a suitable viewpoint from which to take photographs;
  • photographing events or personalities, noting details for photographic captions;
  • ensuring that all pictures are appropriate, processed, cataloged and ready in time to meet deadlines;
  • preparing and sending digital photographs on computers for website publication to deadline;
  • maintaining up-to-date knowledge about current social media trends


*Commission opportunities available now